Empowering 9th ward residents to believe our voice is our vote!

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In order to get the 9th Ward in better shape, I can contribute my time towards:

[fade]Fight for better housing.
Fight for better grocery stores.
Fight for better public transportation.

We are beyond excited to have other committed members of the ninth ward join us for one of the most ambitious campaigns to hit the South Side of Chicago in 20+ years.[/fade]


Quality of our lives Training to Careers Health and Wealth

As a child, Cleopatra was schooled on the West Side of Chicago, but groomed and well-rounded in high school on the South Side. She is a resident and Community Organizer from Pullman. “Boots on the Ground” is her mantra and she recognizes the 9th ward deserves better decision making to enhance our quality of life. The time has come for a transition of power and she’s ready for the baton. This “relay race” is best suited for a leader with energy, grit, and vision to elevate us onward. Cleopatra is stepping up for the charge as a serious candidate for Alderwoman and will act as a Guardian of the 9th Ward.