About Cleopatra


Cleopatra selflessly shares her ambition and love of learning with all around her. As a Legislative Scholar, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Eastern Illinois University. Afterward, she pursed her Masters in Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Jane Addams College of Social Work. Over the course of her budding career, she led efforts in raising 6 million in scholarships, and guided over 1,000 low-income youth from various Chicago Public School high schools to apply toward college or trade school options. She has sustained an unwavering commitment to seeing youth embrace their full potential for success & financial liberation through the creation of educational options.

Cleopatra is a Black woman who is committed to the community she has fought tirelessly to elevate.  In her advocacy, she dedicates herself to face-to-face talks with any and all community members. She prides herself on having a strong sense of integrity, character, and dedication to the community. Prior to South Shore School Leadership high school’s controversial closure in 2014, she fought alongside her students for dignified facilities and postsecondary educational opportunities. This is one of many fights she has “picked” in the name justice. To boot, Cleopatra often tool up the toughest school battles such as low-performing schools, academic profile discrimination, and social adversities of student efficacy.

As a child, she was schooled on the West Side of Chicago, but groomed and well-rounded in high school on the South Side. As a serious candidate for AlderWoman, she will act as a Guardian of the 9th Ward.