Educators are innovators.


Set on a mission to do good in the neighborhood led me to believe that I am capable of making an impact. Since inception, we created Community Clean Up, Block Party, Back-to-school event, and meet monthly. The birth of UP provided an opportunity for me to engage with surrounding neighborhoods. Door knocking sent me on a voyage to asset map local businesses. I've discovered many black-owned companies collapsed and that I live in a food desert. My findings led me to engage in cross-functional meetings to develop ideas and formulate plans for our social-economic fate. Each step I took toward embracing where I lived put me to work. “Building a Better Chicago” warrants those with influence not to count us out, but to count us in.


The woman I am today, arose from Perseverance Avenue, cloaked in humility, and refined by character. Life experiences will drive us closer together than apart, but GOALS we collectively identify will uplift our communities. Your support and contributions will set us on the right track. Walk beside me as we door knock, fundraise, and tell a neighbor our elevating plans for the 9th ward by electing Alderwoman Cleopatra!

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Cleopatra Watson
9th Ward Aldermanic Candidate, Mentor

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