A New Vision for the 9th Ward


 Quality of Life

  • Fight for housing stability

  • Fight for better grocery stores

  • Fight for more available public transportation

  • Fight for a return of mental health facilities

  • Fight against gun violence

As AlderWoman, Cleopatra plans to fight for our rightful place in the city and safeguard our lives.

Training to Careers

Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, commonly known as the three Rs, are the fundamental tools to career procurement and success. To have a job is positive, often, one job is not         to create nor sustain economic stability--particularly, if it is not a living wage and union protected. On the other hand, transferable skills lead to employability and is the breeding grounds for entrepreneurs. Pathways to opportunities, such as GED, Trades Training, Certificates, Second Chance Programs, and Collegiate options, will elevate our communities.  

As AlderWoman, Cleopatra will promote a versatile educational model.

Health and Wealth

Our social-emotional and economic stability has been compromised, services cut and facilities shut down. This practice creates disharmony in our communities. Balance is vital for our well-being and longevity for our communities in the city of Chicago. For too long, we have had few opportunities to have consistent economic gains and abilities to build generational wealth.

As AlderWoman, Cleopatra proposes a holistic plan to strengthen small businesses and social services agencies.